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Chapter: 4

Baby Stories

Spyro looks across the horizon admiring its beauty on the balcony. Right now, Cynder is enjoying her first baby shower for the day so Spyro is just enjoying himself for a while. With the Dragon Temple built on the cliff, the temple overlooks the entire mushroom forest below and across the forest lies the ocean. Spyro can see towering mushrooms that contains the entire mushroom forest with the Silver River that flows from the ocean. He looks up and sees Cyril with the other young dragons in flying practice. Seeing the dragons flying brought back memories of his first flight. A long time ago, when he was raised by Sparx's parents and thinking he was a dragonfly, he never knew that he can fly. He always wonder what he has those wings for. He pretty much it was just for gliding. Just to get across from one ledge to another. But after being taught how to fly by Ignitus, he learned that he can fly after all. And Spyro discovered that he was a dragon instead of a dragonfly. But not just any dragon, he discovered that he was a purple dragon. A very special creature. He continues watching the dragons flying when his friends showed up.

"What's up, Spyro" said Sparx. Spyro turned away from the sky and walked up to them.

"Hey, guys" said Spyro.

"Why aren't you with Cynder?" asked Flame.

"The baby shower is too much for me, so I told her to enjoy herself for a while" said Spyro.

"But doesn't she want you with her?" asked Whirlwind.

"She said that she doesn't mind" said Spyro.

"Y'know? If she's enjoying her baby shower, you should enjoy your first party. As a celebration for you being a parent" said Whirlwind.

"Ehhhh, I don't know, guys..." said Spyro. Spyro wasn't sure if he wants to celebrate for being a parent right now. "Come on, man! We know this great place in Warfang!" said Sparx.

"Yeah! It's a fighting arena..." said Flame.

"No, guys. I don't think I feel comfortable watching other people beating each other to death" said Spyro.

"So what do you want to do then?" asked Claudius.

"Let's just walk around. Talk about things" said Spyro.

"Well, if it gets interesting, I'm in" said Flame.

"Me too" said Sparx.


Back at Spyro and Cynder's room, Cynder is already enjoying her first baby shower with Ember and her friends. She's already received some gifts that is useful for taking care of the babies. She received three baby cribs for each of she and Spyro's hatchlings. She was given crafted baby bottles created by one of Ember's friends. That brought back memories of when Sparx mentioned that she should "breastfeed" her hatchlings. She was still irritated by Sparx after saying that word.

"I mean, damn it! I'm a reptile! Not a mammal!" Cynder thought to herself. Then before she knows, she was about to receive her final gift from Ember herself.

"Alright, Cynder. This is what you're going to like!" said Ember as she hands the package to Cynder. Cynder opens it and her eyes then sparkled when she pulled out a jeweled dragon music box.

"Aww, thank you Ember!" said Cynder as she gave her a hug.

"It plays a song. Listen..." said Ember as she turns the lever and presses the switch. The box then starts playing the most wonderful music that Cynder ever heard. Her eyes begin to sparkle again as it plays the lovely music. Everyone in the room was silent. Seconds later, the music begins to play slowly and slowly until it stops. Cynder was amazed on how the music sounded.

"'s beautiful" said Cynder.

"You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find something like that" said Ember.

"Where did you find this?" asked Cynder.

"At an antique shop at Avalar. This was the only one available" said Ember.

"Wow..." said Cynder.

"Hey, Cynder. Can I ask you question? Just...don't get offended, okay?" said one of Ember's friends.

"Um...okay? What is it?" said Cynder concerned of what she said.

"Um...what was your childhood like? When you were...controlled by Malefor?" asked Ember's friend. And what was seem to be a happy day for Cynder, suddenly went away when Ember's friend mentioned her past. She never would have thought that someone would mention her childhood past. In fact, she never want anyone to mention it. Her face just dropped into sadness and she lowered her head in sorrow. Ember's friend then saw what she feels and realizes what she's done.

"Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." said Ember's friend trying to help her feel better.

"No, no, it's okay. I understand" said Cynder trying not to make Ember's friend feel sorry for herself.

"But I understand too if..." said Ember's friend.

"Shanifa, if she doesn't want to talk about it, she doesn't want to" said Ember.

"No, Ember. It's okay if she wants to know" said Cynder.

"But Cynder..." said Ember not wanting her to feel terrible about it.

"It's okay.." said Cynder.

"Well...tell us about it" said one of Ember's friends. Cynder then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and spoke.

"My like a cage. You're in a room of unending darkness. You tried to find your way out, but everywhere you go, you only find more darkness. Throughout my childhood, I've been imprisoned, beaten, starved, and soon to have been corrupted by Malefor. Since then, I've been hurting people and burning villages. All those terror...just to release the Dark Master" said Cynder. Everyone just gasped and went in awe as Cynder explains her story. But nonetheless, they were shocked at her story. They couldn't believe that her childhood was like that. Then Cynder started talking again.

"Guys, my childhood has been a living darkness. I hurted people. Harmed my own kind when I was corrupted and controlled. And...I tried to kill Spyro before. My future love. And I never had a real childhood. No mother and father. No brother and sister. No family" said Cynder. Then she starts to break down crying.

"" said Cynder tearfully.

"Aww, Cynder" said Ember as she held her trying to comfort her. Then Ember's friends then also joined in to comfort her. "I was a monster" sobbed Cynder.

"It's okay. The past is behind you now" said Ember comforting her.


Spyro and his friends are laughing their heads off as they walked around the Courtyard. Already, they are making fun of Sparx about his cowardliness.

"So when I was fighting a group of jewel bandits, Sparx starts getting all fisty and starts saying like..." said Spyro. Then he starts mimicking Sparx and starts talking like him.

"...Hey, punk! You want a piece of me?! I'll take you on!" said Spyro (mimicking Sparx). Everyone started laughing a little.

"So then what happened?" asked Whirlwind laughing.

"When one of the bandits drew his huge sword, and I mean a huge sword and roared at him, Sparx then went running and screaming. Like this..." said Spyro. Then he mimics Sparx again.

"...AHHHHH! Mommy help me! MOMMMYYYY!" said Spyro (mimicking Sparx). Then everyone then started laughing harder than ever. Few cried their eyes out by laughing. Sparx, however, didn't laugh at all. He only frowned at Spyro's jokes. He didn't like it when Spyro makes fun of him by joking about his past. Of course, Sparx may have teased Spyro, like saying he was fat and purple, but it doesn't mean that Spyro can tease Sparx about himself. Spyro then noticed how Sparx was feeling about it.

"Hey, I was just joking, Sparx" said Spyro.

"Ah, I knew that" said Sparx smiling while trying to hide his frowness.

"Sure you did..." said Spyro smiling while rolling his eyes.

"But anyway, aren't you excited? You and Cynder's eggs will hatch in a few weeks" said Claudius.

"Yeah, I am" said Spyro.

"So nothing to worry about, huh?" said Whirlwind.

"Yeah..." said Spyro whose face turned into a worried look.

"You okay?" asked Whirlwind.

"It's just that...I'm not quite sure" said Spyro.

"About what?" asked Flame.

"About this whole...parenting thing..." said Spyro.

"Hold on, Spyro" said Flame. All of them stopped walking and Spyro then turned to them.

"Let us get this straight: You ARE excited about being a parent. But yet, you are also WORRIED about it?" said Flame.

"Well, I..." said Spyro but was too ashamed to finish saying it. He knows Flame was right about it. "What's the deal, dude? What's there to be worried about?" asked Whirlwind.

"It's just that I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to be a parent. I mean, the reality is that, the children can cry, whine, smell, beg, all those stuff to make your life harder" explained Spyro.

"Well, now that you mentioned it, I still remember what a hard time I give my parents when I was a baby" said Whirlwind.

"What was it like?" asked Spyro.

"Well, it goes like this..." said Whirlwind as he was about to explain his story.


- Flashback of Whirlwind's childhood -


An old mole couple were taking a walk around the woods on the outskirts of Warfang. It was a lovely day. The birds are chirping. The gusts of wind are blowing through the leaves of the trees. And the sunlight shines through the trees. As they reached a small clearing, they find themselves walking passed Whirlwind's home. It was amazing for a dragon family to live in the middle of the woods. This was probably the first time that any dragon would do that. They heard that they just now had a hatchling. And the old mole couple wondered if the child is doing well. Then suddenly, they began to hear some odd noises coming from the house. They stopped, turned to the house, and just stared at it hearing the strange noises. Then they heard what sounds to be glass shattering and the clattering of furniture. Then they heard yelling inside the house. One was a female.

"Honey! Catch him!" yelled a female voice which sounded like desperation. Then they heard a male yelling back.

"I'm trying! He just moves so fast!" yelled a male voice. Then the couple heard more shattering of glass and furniture being knocked over. Then suddenly, the door of the house flew open and baby Whirlwind came flying out laughing it's head off. The mole couple gasped at the sight of the flying baby. But what's strange is that it's not using it's wings to fly. It's using wind to fly! Baby Whirlwind's parents then appeared out of the house and then started trying to catch it. The laughing baby then flew around the house on a wind while his father struggles to catch him. Then he flew up in the air and into the sky.

"Honey! Get him!" yelled the mother. The father then flew up in the air and went after him.


- Flashback ends -


Spyro's eyes was widened in awe as Whirlwind explained his story.

" must have been a real nuisance back then, weren't you?" said Spyro.

"Hahaha, yeah. That's why they named me Whirlwind. Because I'm a ''whirlwind'' of trouble" said Whirlwind.

"But how's it possible to learn your wind powers at an infant age?" asked Spyro.

"My parents don't know why. In fact, I don't know why either. We were very sceptical about it" said Whirlwind.

"That's nothing compared to my problem back when I was a hatchling..."said Flame.


- Flashback of Flame's childhood -


Baby Flame just snuggled in his baby crib playfully mauling his blanket. He was only about six months old during the dragon war against the Dark Master's armies. But there were dragons and citizens that lived like it never happened. For example, Flame's family lived in peace in the Dragon City of Warfang. Flame just laid in his crib looking at the dragon mobile spinning slowly above his head. Then the nursery's door opens and the father walks in. He walks up to the crib and picks up Flame and placed him in his arms. Then he cradles him softly in his arms. The baby looked at him and smiled at him. The father then chuckled to himself. He never had an adorable son. The baby just stared at him smiling. Then suddenly, his nose started twitching and then his eyes started twitching. Flame went like "Ah...ah...ah" as his nose keeps twitching. Then the father's smile disappears and turned to horror.

"Oh no...not again" the father thought to himself. Then the baby started sneezing raging fire out of his nostrils. Then he starts sneezing harder and harder than ever. The father then struggles to keep his son from sneezing by putting his fingers in his nose. But when the baby sneezed, the fire burned the father's fingers as he clogged his nose.

"Acchh!" yelped the father as he pulled his fingers back out of his son's nose. He may be a dragon, but it still hurts. The baby then continues sneezing out of control sneezing fire out of his nose. Then some of the furniture were caught on fire by the baby's sneezing.

"Honey! I need some help here! He's sneezing again!" yelled the father to his mate. Soon enough, he can hear her coming.


- Flashback ends -


"It turns out I have a big, terrible, allergic reaction to pollen. And everytime there's some particles in the air, I start sneezing nonstop. Burning things with my own sneeze. I have to take two allergy potions a day to prevent from sneezing. However, of course, my allergies went away, simple as that. And I never had them since" said Flame as he explains his story.

"You think that's hard for your parents to live like that? You would've never believe how hard it was for my parents to raise Spyro..." said Sparx.


- Flashback of Spyro's childhood -


Baby Spyro and baby Sparx are busy being fed by their mother, Nina, during the beginning of the afternoon.

"Alright, Sparxy, open your mouth" said Nina as she moves the spoon towards Sparx's mouth. The baby responded by opening his mouth and took a slurp from the spoon. There were some food dripping from his mouth after the slurp.

"Oopsie! Missed a spot!" said Nina smiling at the baby. Baby Sparx then babyishly laughed at her smile. Then she fluttered to Spyro.

"Okay, Spyro. Open up. Say "ahhhhhhhh"" said Nina. Spyro then open his mouth and slurped it. Spyro giggled as Nina left to get more food. Baby Sparx then fluttered towards Spyro as they both made eye contact. Nina turned her head to them and noticed Sparx getting close to Spyro.

"Sparxy...stay away from him" said Nina concerned about Sparx. She knows Spyro may be a baby, but he's not a dragonfly. In fact, she doesn't know what creature Spyro is. Then out of nowhere, Spyro suddenly opened his mouth and snapped it shut. With Sparx now inside his mouth! Nina suddenly screamed and flew right to Spyro.

"SPYRO! NO! SPIT HIM OUT!" yelled Nina at Spyro. But Baby Spyro didn't listen. She immediately called her husband, who is Spyro and Sparx's father, Flash. Flash suddenly appeared and said "What?!"

"Spyro has Sparx in his mouth!" cried Nina.

"What?!" cried Flash and then the blue dragonfly flew to them.

"Spyro! Spit out your brother! Now!" yelled Flash.

"Spyro! Please!" cried Nina. But Spyro still wouldn't.

"Hold on! I got an idea!" said Flash and left and came back with a small wooden bottle.

"Is that pepper?!" asked Nina.

"Yeah! Keep his nostrils open!" said Flash. Nina did as she was told and lifted Spyro's nostrils open. Then he slightly sprinkled some pepper into his nose. Soon enough, Spyro's nose starts twitching. Nina and Flash moved back as Spyro was about to sneeze. Then he sneezed his mouth open and baby Sparx came flying out of his nose in high speed.

"I got him!" yelled Flash and flew after him. But he managed to catch Sparx in his arms. Then they turned to Spyro as he spoke his first word.

"...sorry..." said Spyro babyishly.


- Flashback ends -


Spyro looks at Sparx after he finishes his story. Sparx just glared and frowned at him.

"What? I said I was sorry" said Spyro.

"Sorry?! SORRY?! YOU ALMOST ATE ME!" said Sparx.

"Sparx, I was a baby! You can't expect that to happen!" said Spyro.

"Wow, we all gave our parents a hard time when we were hatchlings" said Flame.

"You see my point now? Kids will be a major pain! I don't think me and Cynder will last! The fact is, is that-" said Spyro.

"Okay! Okay! We get it!" interrupted Whirlwind. He took a deep sigh and said "Nobody said it's gonna to be easy to raise a child".

"But we can help. You have our support. If you need us, we'll be there" said Flame. Spyro smiled and said "Thanks guys".

"Hey, it's what friends do for each other" said Whirlwind patting him on a back.

"Well, I should get back to Cynder now. I'll see y'all later" said Spyro.

"See ya" said Claudius. Then all of them went their separate ways as they walked off.
It's the Year of the Dragon once again. And now Spyro and Cynder's eggs are due to hatch. But then, all the dragon eggs, including Spyro and Cynder's eggs, were stolen by creatures called Rhynocs created by the Sorceress. Now, Spyro and Cynder and their friends must travel to the Forgotten Realm to bring them back. Or the Year of the Dragon will be ruined again.
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